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The criteria listed are provided as guidelines to assist you in determining whether you may be eligible to be a blood donor. They are designed for use by policy makers in national blood programmes in. The criteria are intended to ensure that the prospective hctp donor is healthy and the patient receives a safe product. Who blood regulators network information to be provided to prospective donors of blood or blood components should not be changed. Part 2 provides guidance on specific criteria for blood donor selection in relation to general donor assessment, donor 1 the term blood donors includes s of whole blood, red cells, platelets, plasma and. Registration criteria characteristics general appearance no presence of excessive anxiety, drug or alcohol influence or nervousness age body weight pulse rate blood pressure temperature between 1665 years old parental consents is required under 18 yo at least 50 kg 500 ml blood unit at least 45 kg 250 ml blood unit 50 100 beatsminute regular. Accurate donor selection and the decision to accept a blood donation is centred on the safety of the person donating the blood and the safety of the individual receiving the blood and its components. Then the donor undergoes a miniphysical check which includes. Donor selection is the property of its rightful owner. The donor should be in good health to avoid any untowardeffect to the donor or to the recipient.

Blood donation and donor selection donor screening by physical criteria general appearance presence of anxiety, alcohol or drugs influence, nervousness. The melbourne group recently published on the feasibility and utility of a lung donor score using five clinical donor variables available at the time of donor selection age, smoking history, chest xray, secretions, and arterial blood gas results. Selection of unrelated donors and cord blood units for. To be a donor, you should be at least 18 years old. Heres what to expect from the donor selection and screening process. Guidelines on assessing donor suitability for blood donation. Prospective donors of apheresis platelet or plasma donations should weigh at least 50 kg. Laboratory testing of donors and stool samples for fecal. Ppt donor selection criteria powerpoint presentation, free. Ppt donor selection powerpoint presentation free to. Assessing the reasons for noncompliance with blood donor selection criteria is important to maintain a high level of viral safety of blood products. All of these factors are known to affect the transplant outcome. Donor selection criteria authorstream presentation.

Sirmadam, it is informed that uniform guidelines for blood donor selection and blood donor referral have been approved by the governing body of nbtc in its 26th meeting which was held on 1st june, 2017. Donor selection process institute for reproductive. Directed donors must meet exact criteria as a random blood donor. Each variable was divided into four levels, allowing a score between 0 and 20. Total 25,092,358 24,489,329 unrelated donors 603,029 cbu 74 stem cell donor registries from 53 countries 49 cord blood banks from 33 countries. Guidelines for blood donor selection and blood donor. Ppt blood donor selection powerpoint presentation free. The who guidelines on assessing donor suitability for blood donation have been developed to assist blood transfusion services in countries that are establishing or strengthening national systems for the selection of blood donors.

Prospective donors of apheresis platelet or plasma donations. Ppt dr saamjed donor selection criteria syed akhlaq amjad. The final determination of eligibility is made at the time of donation. Newly updated guidelines can inform the selection of adult donors and cord blood units for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Permanent cjd deferral criteria gt3 mo in uk, gt5 years in. The minimum criteria for blood donation are verbally screened at this stage, i. The fda requires that all hctp donors must be screened for relevant communicable disease agents or diseases rcdads and that a determination of the donors eligibility be made prior to product distribution. Donor selection criteria donor selection determines the eligibility of a donor to donate blood and. Assessing donor suitability blood donor selection ncbi.

Kidney donor criteria transplant center uc davis health. Donor selection criteria powerpoint ppt presentation. Lung donor selection and management proceedings of the. Guidelines for blood donor selection and blood donor referral. Donor selection criteria donor selection criteria dr. Finally, as expressed by certain blood donors found to be hiv. Keeping blood safe the australia red cross lifeblood has one of the safest blood supplies in the world. Ppt blood donor selection powerpoint presentation free to view id. How to select a donor and product for allogeneic hct.

Past dogma, present evidence, and future hemovigilance anne eder, mindy goldman, susan rossmann, dan waxman, and celso bianco the safety of the blood supply depends on measures to protect not only the transfusion recipient but also the blood donor. Mindy goldman transfusion medicine residents may 24. Selection criteria to protect the blood donor in north. Blood bank donor selection and phlebotomy flashcards. To protect the people who receive donated blood and the donors who give it, we ask a lot of personal questions before you can donate. Selection criteria to protect the blood donor in north america and europe. Criteria for blood donation rashtrotthana blood centre.

The evidencebased guidelines suggest highresolution human leukocyte antigen hla matching and donor age are important when selecting adult donors, while hla matching, cell dose, and banking practices should be considered when selecting cord blood. The donor selection criteria detailed in these guidelines apply to donors of whole blood, red cells, platelets, plasma and other blood. Part 2 provides guidance on specific criteria for blood donor selection in relation to general donor assessment, donor medical history and risk assessment for transfusiontransmissible infections tti. Donor selection, donor testing and pathogen reduction. Who guidance on criteria for the selection of blood donors was first published in the distance learning materials, safe blood and blood products, module 1. Our program will not consider donation from individuals under the age of 18 or any person mentally incapable of making an informed decision. Donors b genes in the centromeric region of both kir haplotypes cenbb genotype had a strong effect and cenbb homozygous donors conferred a striking antileukemic effect with a cumulative incidence of relapse of 15. The bts should provide clear and unambiguous guidance for staff involved in donor selection. Donor selection in allogeneic stem cell transplantation. There may have been some changes to these criteria since the last revision date. This chapter describes the donor selection process, the testing done on donated blood, and the pathogen inactivation processes that can further reduce the potential risk of transfusiontransmitted diseases.

In an effort to ensure the blood supply is as safe as possible, all donors must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the food and drug administration. The adobe flash plugin is needed to view this content. Guidelines for selection of an unrelated donor to maximize the activation of natural killer nk cells to deliver an antileukemic effect and to improve survival continue to be elusive. Well being the donor shall be in good health, mentally alert and physically fit and shall not be inmates of jail or any other confinement. Fecal microbiota transplantation is an efficacious and inexpensive therapy for recurrent clostridium difficile infection, yet its safety is thought to depend on appropriate fecal donor screening. Rigorous donor selection should be consistently applied to all blood donors either donating whole blood or through apheresis, whether firsttime or repeat donors. Blood donation eligibility requirements red cross blood.

The following are the criteria for the selection of living donors. The guideline document is enclosed for your reference and necessary action. Blood donation ppt blood donation blood transfusion scribd. Nationallocal epidemiological data on infectious diseases nutritional and health status of the general population local customs health and safety outcomes donors and recipients international best practice ref. The whole blood and components donor selection guidelines form a constituent part of chapter 3 care and selection of whole blood and component donors including donors of predeposit autologous blood of the guidelines for the blood transfusion services in the united kingdom, 8th edition, 20 to navigate the guidelines online use the menu on the left. Fda guidance for regulation of this procedure is in flux, but screening and manufacture of fecal material from asymptomatic donors present many challenges to clinical laboratories. Guidelines update donor selection criteria for hsct. Guidelines on assessing donor suitability for blood donation world health organization.

The screening process is the same for both types of donations and follows the guidelines set forth by the american fertility society. Selection of blood donors australian red cross lifeblood. Whole blood and components donor selection guidelines. Selection of blood donors by dr syed akhlaq amjad mbbs,mphil,mdusa reason of blood donor selection 1. For convenience they are divided into the following publications. Blood donor selection reported feeling well but tired after chasing his grandchildren all weekend. This report from the advisory committee on the safety of blood, tissues and organs. Check both arms for evidence of iv drug use and for venous access physical requirements weight. Professional donor means a person who donates blood for a valuable consideration, in cash or kind, for any source, on behalf of.

National criteria for blood donor selection should be based on. Blood, tissue and cell donor selection criteria report. Prospective donors of whole blood donations should weigh at least 50 kg to donate 450 ml 10%. These earlier recommendations were developed on the basis of international best practice but did not have a clear evidence base. They are designed for use by policy makers in national blood programmes in ministries of health, national advisory bodies such as national blood commissions or. Donor eligibility final rule and guidance questions and. Donor eligibility criteria and testing also benefit the donors by, for example, reducing potential blood donation related health risks. Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant is safe and curative treatment modality for many hematologic diseases. The guidelines listed below were last revised on 080117.

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