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Chandler has been a member of a bunch of them and has some tips for you and your book club. Tips for hosting a book club at home tea cottage mysteries. Seven tips for hosting the best book club ever draper james. If youre having trouble getting your book club off the ground or looking for new ways to keep your current group energized, think outside the oldschool rules. Instead, every few months, rotate the responsibility of hosting and setting the date for the meeting. How to plan and host a book club play date for kids still. You can start a couples book club, a bible study reading group or even a work reading group.

Whether youre hosting or attending, here are 5 tips to be a book club rock star. Book clubs can be an excellent vehicle for preevangelization and evangelization and a great way to help form disciples of christ. As someone who grew up in a small texas town, i can definitely relate to a lot of her sentiments and attachment to old traditions that have been passed down for generations. Use some time of book club meeting as a chance to encourage each other to write. Book club tips tips on how to run a successful book discussion group. Book club is one of those times thats a fun excuse to get together. Feb 12, 2019 8 tips for hosting a pt book club february 12, 2019 february 12, 2019 one of my favorite parts about being a pt student is the opportunity to be involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities. Flip the athome book club on its head, and create a space for all book lovers.

Book club food book club reads book club names book club questions book club parties online book club starting a book books for teens book girl the modern girls guide to hosting book club hosting a book club is a great way to make reading a social occasion by combining forces with your best. Book clubs can be an opportunity to cultivate existing friendships or. Bookstr is a great space to both host and find an existing book club. Aug 09, 2017 looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people. You assume that everyone will read the book, that you will finish a recordhigh number.

Not everyone can finish every book, but nonreaders may still have valuable insights. A book club is a beautiful thing that combines a love of reading with what is usually a love of wine. Whether your book club meets weekly or monthly or somewhere in between, we have the best tips and tricks for when its your turn to host, including themed. Tips to help you host a successful book club everyone is sure to enjoy. Remember that the theme of your book may determine the atmosphere of your book club. Jul 31, 2017 7 tips for hosting the perfect book club. Deciding on a specific theme will help narrow down your list of books. Regardless if the host is always the same or different every time you get together, its important for the group to determine what the host s. Bloggers zandra and karen june, the team behind the blog little yellow couch, host a libraryinspired book club gathering with plenty of vintage touches. Even if you dislike a particular work or find it difficult to read, be honest and share your opinion with the rest of the group. You need enough regular members to allow for an absentee or two each. I find a great book club meeting shares many of the same qualities as a great novel.

They may have merch you can use as party favors or other ideas of activities that tie in to their book. Whether your book club meets weekly or monthly or somewhere in between, we have the best tips and tricks for when its your turn to host, including themed meetings, recipes, and more. How to host a book club party step choose the book. Insist that discussion time be limited to the book. How to host the cutest book club ever country living. And weve made it easy to do with these tips and resources. Book club hosting is one of my favorite social events, because it highlights one of my favorite pastimes. If you are in a book club and have some ideas to share, id love to hear from. Aug 15, 2014 how can you keep your book club from fizzling out.

Cap the group participants to a number you can reasonably host. If you are starting a book club yourself, you may need some ideas for creating a fun group that people will come back to time after time. One of the best pairings with our wine is a good book club. Tips for running a successful, sustainable book club.

But, like any kind of group, each book club develops its own culture, structure, personality. We ve put four new spins on the traditional book club to help you host a. You assume that everyone will read the book, that you will finish a recordhigh number of books during the year, that you will have fascinating discussions with you group. Just because book clubs have been around forever, doesnt mean we have to keep hosting. Whether they were through school, the local library, or a bookstore, it was great when someone organized a group of children together who all had the special. The plot is basically about a town where the women stop having sex with the men and how it affects the whole town, from the women to the men to the children. Literary book decor, a surprising theme, cocktails of course, and even a book swap or a donation bin celebrate the true spirit of the month. These ideas for setting up a book discussion group are from the washington center for the book at the seattle public library. Parishes and faith communities can use book clubs to build a sense of community, invite new people to explore the catholic faith, and experience faith formation. Important questions to ask at your first book discussion. If, for example, you have a genre based book club, people will agree on the selections but you have to be very picky about who you let in. Im in two different book clubs here in dc and ive been in a few in other places ive lived.

A book riot guide to setting up your own online book club. As host, theres a lot you can do to make the monthly meeting a success. Weve got great ideas for organizing a book club meeting tips on how to lead a book discussion and good book club etiquette. Hosting a book club is a great way to get to know people better and finally tackle that toberead pile on your nightstand at the same time.

Go alphabetically, by birthdays, or by whatever order you decide. Aug 30, 2019 hosting a book club at your home is a wonderful excuse to invite friends over for tea and a good chat. A combination of approaches will be most effective. You want an environment that is comfortable enough to encourage discussion and where theres no time limit, like you would have if you went to a restaurant. Starting a book club is more complicated than you might think. There are some general book club discussion questions that should work on most books, especially popular selections and bestsellers. Shake up a batch by combining apple brandy with pomegranate juice concentrate, fresh lime juice, and turbinado sugar. The cutest book club party ideas ever country living. It doesnt matter whether your book club is the kind that sticks to the script or is more. We have always met the first monday of each month at 7.

Oct 19, 2018 seven tips for hosting the best book club ever pictured. You can invite as many as you want, or you can host a simple twoperson book club. Youve gathered your closest friends and chosen your favorite books now its your turn to host the next book club meeting. Mar 10, 2015 picking books can make or break your book club. Here are some tips for hosting a successful book club. You can also try joining real simples noobligation book club. You can focus on a specific author, genre, time period, or topic.

We have prepared a list of tips to help you choose a book. Make a designated facebook group for all members to join. Weve had as many as 18 and as few as 7 active members. How to start a successful book club photo credit and tutorial for painting book covers. Ask yourself these small questions to make sure youve created the best book club possible. Hoffman sep 6, 2017 joining a book club can be a fantastic way to socialize with other book lovers while also discovering some amazing new books. Tips for hosting a book club how to host a book club.

Weve had a great year of get togethers with our fellow book club members and read so many really good books. I wanted to talk about how our book club changed and evolved into the amazing and fun group it is now and share with you. When i have hosted a book club, i usually like to incorporate the theme with the book for our get together, like for example. A great way to gather a large diverse group is to invite 35 people and ask each of them to invite 3 or 4 friends. Heres how to start a book club that doesnt peter out along the way. Mar 31, 2014 we fell in love with steinbecks ouevre when we read east of eden in our book club, zandra and karen said. A book club meeting isnt complete without a lively discussion, but how can you make sure members are encouraged to contribute to the conversation. We have always met the first monday of each month at. There are a lot of different social media platforms out there, but facebook is among. Oct 24, 2019 so here is a checklist of things you can do to spread the word and grow your chapter. After everyone has presented their suggestions take a vote on each title. Think aboutand bring up in your book club discussionthe reasons for marking those passages. A book club for kids is one of the best ways to combine learning and fun.

Tips for hosting a parentchild book club scholastic. Mar 18, 2020 when youre starting a digital book club, all the standard book club rules apply. You want an environment that is comfortable enough to encourage discussion and where theres no time limit. Today im helping you out with these tips to planning a lovely book club party. We have 7 tips to help you lead a great book club discussioneverything from book discussion questions, prompts, games. Theres nothing like sipping on chardonnay, enjoying small bites, and discussing the summers hot read with friends, new and old. Every book club is remarkably different and some tend to be more successful than others. Most readers start a book club with a fair bit of optimism.

Will they be hosted at someones home, in a public space, or online. I love my girl time and try to get it in whenever i can. We occasionally have a couple of men attend book club my husband being one of them, but we love the time to chat, eat good food and discuss the. Read the best ways of running a book club and start one of your own today. Get your friends together for an oldfashioned book club or host one online. First, decide on the basics like when and where the meeting will be, and what book. Read on below for a few of my own favorite traditions along with tips for hosting a book club. To help you make sure your book club is on point, here is a short guide about how to start a book club to help you make yours perfect.

Online book clubs are also likely to become even more popular as more and more of the world practices social distancing. Will you decide on serious literature, or light summer reads. A bar with live music might not be the best place for conversation. Whether your book club is a few close friends or a larger group, hosting a book club party still takes some amount of planning. When i read it, i thought that it would be great for a womens book club. Aside from hosting, there are other ways members can get involved when the club. The band wife raise your hand if youve ever joined a book club, dutifully read the book and showed up to find that 75% of the people hadnt actually read any of the book, there was an obligatory 5 minutes of book discussion and then everyone sat. In addition to hosting book clubs, many libraries also have author events and fairs where authors meet with patrons and are allowed to sell copies of books. Coordinating a time and a place to meet is one of the largest challenges for many book clubs. Sep 06, 2017 a book riot guide to setting up your own online book club c. Tips for hosting a book club book club books, book club. Consider starting a blog or an online forum to keep track of the club. Tips on hosting your own book club the atlanta 100.

In her spare time, she enjoys hosting a monthly babytoddler book club. Theres nothing like sipping on chardonnay, enjoying small bites. Weve put four new spins on the traditional book club to help you host a monthly. Websites like are free to join, easy to use, and allow all the members of your club to post on a communal site.

Today, im sharing some tips for running a successful book club based on some of my experiences with past and present book clubs. Hosting a book club is a great way to get to know people better and finally tackle that toberead pile on your. Whoevers turn it is selects the next book to be read. Hosting your book club online makes meeting easy and convenient for members wherever they may be. Successful groups select good books, have interesting discussions, and foster community. How to plan and host a book club play date for kids. May 02, 2017 discuss your latest read in style with these tips and recipes for hosting a book club from chef vanessa cantave, including her delicious baconloaded blt salad. Gather everyone together to discuss the first book option, the permanent meeting location and time, how the book club will be run, and the goals for the book club. But running a book club is something this introverted girl had never done and i ran into a few challenges that i didnt expect. If youre looking for a fun, relaxed and often entertaining way to expand your social circles and your literary prowess, few methods can compare to the book club. Most of the book clubs are started with a fair bit of optimism. Here are some neat ideas for your next meeting see more ideas.

Many readers are adults here at book riot, but when we were kids, i bet we loved book clubs i know i did. Assigning roles to keep your book club running smoothly, find volunteers from your group to fill the following roles. Where, when and how will you hold book club meetings. You can also come up with your own questions using the tips below as a.

Ive only had experience with mine, so ill share how ours is organized and why i believe weve had such endurance. What is the maximum number of people you can accommodate. So in honor of valentines day, i thought id share my love of reading along with some book club hosting tips. Youd basically have to kick them out and that really sucks. Tips for hosting a book club at your parish catechists journey. Ask one employee to lead the discussion about the weeks assigned chapter or two. Book club party ideas mom ideas for 2019 shoniques mature book club fueling your running i love the bookmark idea. Trying to get your book club off the ground or looking for new ways to keep. How to start a book club that doesnt suck book riot. Some clubs hold book discussions first and invite social members to join afterward. You assume that everyone will read the book, that you will finish a recordhigh number of books during the. Book club parties are a good way to get friends together and have great discussion over appetizers, drinks, or brunch. Form an employee book club see success stories in which a group of employees voluntarily read the same book.

Setting a cozy setting, such as a home, is the best place to host your club meeting. You can also try joining real simple s noobligation book club. Jun 30, 2018 the most common book in tbrs of club members will be the book for next month. Finally, members of a book club should always strive to read the entire book or a predetermined set of chapters before a meeting after all, this is what a book club is all about. Have expert advice and tips delivered directly to you. But there is more to starting a book club than you might think. How big or small of a book club do you want to create. Get your book club book discussion group off to a successful start with this list of key questions to discuss at your first book discussion group meeting. However, since everyone in our book club is a mom, we decided to take the summer off. Crate and barrel x draper james tabletop collection throughout her new book, whiskey in a teacup, reese talks about how her grandmother dorothea taught her everything she knows about gracious southern living, hospitality, and traditions. Tips on what to do when starting a book club to have the best chance of success.

One of the book club organizers asked if i was interested in speaking to members of her local rotary club. Experiment to see what works for you and your group. Hosting a book club is a fun and rewarding experience. As most members have it in their tbr, they will have read it before next successful book club meeting and you wont need these tips for next month. No one will have fun in a ya book club if one person really hates ya. Here are some tried and true techniques for promoting and growing your silent book club chapter. The ideal size of a book club is between 8 and 16 members. So, when michelle suggested we start a book club last fall, i was all in. Maybe you have a friend or two who join you at a bar to read and drink, or maybe you meet with a few strangers at a cafe once a month to share book recommendations and read. Girls night out book clubs are some of the most popular, but book clubs of all kinds are popping up. How to start a successful book club everyday reading. How to host a successful book club clever housewife. Nov 18, 2016 looking for creative book club ideas for your book group meetings.

By hosting your monthly book club on facebook, you have a builtin pool of potential members to choose from. There are lots of book clubs out there now, and theres more than one way to run a successful one. Jun 28, 2018 12 tips for hosting a successful book club meeting when no one read the book. Come up with eight to ten questions about the book. Make sure your chosen location has wheelchair ramps. Summer is a great time to finish some of those books on your to read list. Host assumes that everyone will read the book and club will have fascinating discussions with the group of readers. Weve put four new spins on the traditional book club to help you host events that everyone will love to be part of. Tips for hosting a parentchild book club whether you plan to meet with just a few close friends or a big group, starting a book club is a great way for parents and kids to bond and share a love of reading. It may sound cheesy at first, but there are tons of ways you can put your own spin on it and shape it however youd like it to be. This list will help creative a fun and fresh book club meeting you just started your book club or its many years going but feeling a bit stale.

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