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Whether you want to go with a breeder or get your dog from a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind. It is something that you start and continue for the life of your dog. When considering the purchase of a coton, which we hope you are, please understand a lot of work has gone into a puppy before it was born. Information about the coton grooming book written by helle sydendal and brigitte jespersen. Grooming your coton north american coton association ukc. Dog grooming supplies, dog steps, agility equipment. How to stop puppy biting and dont do these 5 things when training your puppy duration. Along with their sweet temperament and intelligence, the coton s coat is one of the main attractions to the breed. They come from very impressive bloodlines with many champion titles. We take a great deal of pride in our adult cotons and their puppies. Its also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Happy go lucky and bouncy these dogs are great to have around. We have committed to a high standard of practice of sportsmanship and.

He has a coat that is naturally long and thick, usually snow white. Dec 29, 2010 created on december 29, 2010 using flipshare. We have shown and championed many of our beautiful cotons and we enjoy doing pet therapy work with our certified dogs. Grooming your coton north american coton association.

Coton breeders have to work hard to maintain a pure pedigree for your puppy and to ensure that genetic defects dont get passed on. It is true that it requires grooming, but it can be a good opportunity to have a nice time with your dog, especially if your puppy gets used to the grooming from the beginning. Cotons almost look like a miniature sheep dog, peeking at you with their dark beautiful eyes from under their long bangs. Our code of ethics breeders strive to maintain the health and integrity of this delightful breed. We want you and your puppy to have many long and happy years together. The coton was a favorite of the malagasy kings and noblemen and for many years only royalty could own them. There are also two other books about cotons, please contact me privately for updated links. The coton in his title describes the texture of his single coat, which is a hallmark of the breed along with his arched loin giving him a distinctive outline. The coton has cottonlike hair that is dry and wind tossed.

You need to start at one end of your dog and check the skin, coat. You would think there would be dozens of books to choose from, but that is definitely not the case. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This page is for show grooming and handling, not to sell or advertise puppies, only grooming,grooming products.

A practical book for owners and prospective owners. Over the years, i cathy have had the opportunity to mentor several new breeders. We ask that you read all the information in this section of our website prior to your puppy coming home. I love this book,it is a great hard cover book for grooming co.

Regular grooming is important as this is when you are also checking your dog over for any problems or health issues that. Although the cotons coat is not especially difficult to maintain. That has led to what we have become today a group of friends and recently family as my daughter has just joined us that love cotons, love breeding coton puppies and who collaborate to find the perfect forever home for the puppies under cathys coton cuties. We have carefully selected some of the very finest cotons to breed. It is very playful and grows highly attached to its family, even to the point of developing separation anxiety. Weve selected professional quality espana dog shampoo and jean peau dog hair detangler to help your dog look great with a minimum of fuss. Regular grooming is important as this is when you are also checking your dog over for any problems or health issues that may arise. Finding a good breeder is a great way to find the right puppy. Grooming sessions also allow you to examine your dogs coat, teeth, eyes, ears, and nails for signs of problems. Find the perfect dog grooming books to help you with skin care, nail trimming, dental hygiene, matting, maintenance and so much more to.

It shouldnt look shiny, and it shouldnt be so long in the chest or abdominal area that it touches the ground. Its essential to understand dog grooming basics, especially relative to their long, fluffy, nonshedding, cottony coats. Although this, the royal dog of madagascar was officially recognised as recently as 1990, the breed had been seen on the island of tula for several centuries. If theres one thing that will turn heads, its a beautifully groomed coton with its big soft billowing coat that flounces as he moves.

All my puppy buyers get an intensive grooming course and my grooming book when buying a coton in kennel jespersen. Brushing is one of those dog grooming basics we all need to get comfortable with. I show how to brush and trim the coton thank you so much for your support and subscribing. All the illustration are clear, easy to follow and lots of tips from brigitte who is an excellent groomer. Jeg haber du far en oplysende tur rundt pa min hjemmeside, her har jeg en masse dejlige billeder af cotoner og cotonhvalpe. All i have to do is look at her cotons always ready for the show ring. This book is an excellent book to learn all about this special precious dog. Sep 01, 2003 this book is an excellent book to learn all about this special precious dog. There are many dog grooming books available, but finding one specifically about the coton is about as rare as the breed.

These little dogs originate from madagascar and are related to the bichon frise, the maltese and the havanese. As you are committed to the care and grooming of your coton, here are some articles we hope you will find helpful. Our guiding principles make it of paramount importance to protect and improve the original standard, heritage, quality, temperament and welfare of the breed. Happy and clownish, the breed is eager to please and very loyal. The book is written in english, counts 144 pages and is printed in full color. Get detailed information on grooming and caring for your. Online shopping from a great selection at books store.

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